Enduring Understandings

The Primary Years Program works with a concept driven trans-disciplinary curriculum that aims towards enduring and lifelong understandings through big or “central’ ideas. These central ideas are developed by the teachers to address commonalities of human existence embodied in the trans-disciplinary themes that form the curriculum framework of the programme. A comprehensive program of inquiry is created taking into account the 6 themes; each of these themes is taught for 6 weeks and students are assessed for their understanding of the concepts that the themes address. An example of theme descriptor and central ideas is given below:

Trans-disciplinary theme: Where we are in place & time

An inquiry into orientation in place & time; personal histories; homes & journeys; the discoveries, explorations & migrations of humankind; the relationships between & the interconnectedness of individuals & civilizations, from local & global perspectives.

Central Idea: Cultural and local conditions influence the homes people live in

Key Concepts: Form, Connection, Perspective

Related Concepts: Culture, identity, structure, amenities, settlements, family

Subject Focus: Social Studies, Science

Lines of Inquiry:

1. Different types of homes

2. How homes reflect values and culture

3. Factors that determine the type of home people live in

The PYP works with 8 Key Concepts that form the basis for enduring understandings; the children therefore do not limit their exploratory work to text books or closed ended learning but work to get a more enduring understanding of the concepts that bond humanity.