First Language

The Diploma Programme Lang A: Literature course is primarily a pre- university programme in Literature designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the writer’s craft, the historical and cultural context of the literary works and the ability to discuss it in both oral and written forms. The course further aims to develop a life- long interest in literature while studying human nature and experience as chronicled in various genres of literary works of different times and places. It enables an exploration of one of the more enduring fields of human creativity, and provides opportunities for encouraging independent, original, critical and clear thinking. It also promotes respect for the imagination and a perceptive approach to the understanding and interpretation of literary works. Through the study of a wide range of literature, the language A: literature course encourages students to appreciate the artistry of literature and to develop an ability to reflect critically on their reading. The course covers a range of works from different periods, cultures and genres, guiding students to construct responses that will not only reflect their acquisition of vocabulary and literary language to articulate their thoughts properly, but will exhibit their mastery of skill over the art of literary criticism in forming their own independent judgments.